Nature isn’t all that different from a computer code. Those who do not understand the code find it magical or even a miracle how a computer functions, how apps interact and what the relationship is between them. However, for those who truly understand the code – they know and can manipulate the code to suit their needs. This is the law of nature and a primary reason why humans have managed to master some of the elements of nature. Likewise, everything around us is governed by codes and it is this aspect that attracts us towards the internet – the fact that it is an ever-changing beast with certain key players influencing its change. Understanding how such elements interact with each other helps build stronger, better and more meaningful codes that give back value to the society and internet in turn.

We will highlight websites that we find unique either because of the content, or maybe its design, coding structure. We will share freeware that anyone can gain access to, provide code snippets to help budding programmers develop their first piece of working program. Basically, it is our aim to disperse free information over the web. And if you do have any programming related or Linux related issue, do feel free to drop us a mail as it is our mainstay and the source of our income – the rest is just passion or hobby for us all at

Signing off for now, come back in a few weeks to see what we have been up to – We are sure you will not be disappointed with what you find.